1. Registrar
Vimmacompany Oy
Y: 2567714-9
Hiidenkivenpolku 5
01690 VANTAA


2. Contact person for matters relating to the Register
Anni Lintamo
phone +358 44 984 7986
[email protected]


3. The name of the registry
Vimma’s customer register.


4. Purpose of processing personal data
Personal information is collected, processed and used by Vimma’s e-commerce and campaigns for customer order delivery, customer relationship management, direct marketing, distance selling, and customer contact. In addition, personal data can be used for statistical purposes and for the development of Vimma’s services.


5. The information content of the register
The registry may contain personal data according to the following categories:
• Name
• Address (separately billing and delivery)
• Postcode and location (separately billing and delivery)
• Phone number
• Email address
• IP address
• Personal ID, if using Klarna
• Company
• Company address information
• Company VAT information


6. Regular information sources of the register
The regular source of information for the register is the information that is collected from customers on the e-commerce checkout form and the registration page. Personal data will be collected and processed by Vimma’s e-commerce that submits personal information when ordering or registering in the online store and other websites and also in social media.

Personal data can be collected through Vimma’s sites and forms in electronic or non-electronic form (for example, feedback and order forms) and by phone and email on customer service and in physical stores.


7. Regular disclosure of information
Personal information may be disclosed to third parties in the European Union such as Vimma’s e-commerce vendors, partners, service providers. This information may be disclosed for the purpose of supplying goods or services or for the execution of a contract between Voma and the customer. Personal data will not be disclosed without the explicit consent of the party to third parties except for the aforementioned purpose, unless otherwise provided by law.


8. Deleting information
The information may be deleted from Customer’s request. Requests for deleting information must be sent to [email protected], which will then be erased manually.


9. Principles of registry protection
The customer register is only allowed for persons and administrators whose work is part of its use. The use of the registry is controlled by user-specific usernames and passwords, as well as a transaction log storing the login information. The customer database for Vimma’s Ecommerce is maintained as an electronic database by its authorized technical administrator. The webshop is protected by firewall and antivirus protection, also using other appropriate network security hedges against external data hijackings. Ecommerce communications are also protected using the HTTPS method.


10. Right to Prohibit
The customer can get access to information about him. The data controller may charge a reasonable, direct costs for the provision of information, provided that the customer has received the data for the first time in less than a year.

The customer has the right to revise his / her data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. In addition, the customer has the right to prohibit the processing and disclosure of personal data relating to direct marketing and distance selling. Requests for denials must be sent to [email protected] by e-mail


A cookie is a small text file that a web browser stores on a user’s device. Cookies are used, for example, when you want to retain your information when moving from one side of the Internet to another. By using the Vimma’s e-commerce site you agree to the use of cookies. If you do not want to use cookies, you can turn them off in your browser or leave the site. However, the functionality of the site may require the use of cookies.

By using cookies, we are able to tailor the site’s offering and user experience to our customers’ preferences. By using cookies, we collect our customers, for example, the following information.

  • user’s IP address
  • the host name of the user’s network
  •  browser type
  • time and date
  • visited pages and products viewed
  • from which web site the user has accessed that web page
  • from which server the user has entered the web page
  • from which domain the user has entered the web page

In addition to these, other data may be collected for statistics, for example. For Google Analytics and Semrush tools.