VIMMA is one of the leading names in Finnish, responsible fashion. Products and patterned surfaces are designed in Finland and produced locally in Finland, Tallinn or other Baltic countries.
VIMMA's philosophy is born from the combination of everyday life and celebration, high-quality material choices and the utilization of surplus materials in production. 
The timeless design enables easy recyclability of the products, maximizing the number of times one garment can be used, and production efficiency and precision to avoid overproduction. 




For us, responsibility is much more than just words; it requires concrete actions every day. We see fashion with new eyes. We say 'no' to seasonal thinking and overproduction, and basically 'no' to sales as well. We say 'yes' to beautiful, timeless products and materials that are kind to the environment. We want to act as an example in the clothing industry, it is a matter of the heart for us. A beautiful everyday life belongs to everyone. Finland needs entrepreneurship, and families need work and livelihood. These are the prerequisites for the existence of VIMMA.



All of Vimma's activities are guided by responsibility, honesty, and transparency. We exist for our customers. Successful customer experience and adding value to the prevailing market is a matter of the heart for us. In products, the most important thing for us is its message. We make design products so people need less stuff. Our core values ​​include making good taste decisions that think of ourselves, our neighbors, and the environment. We exist for our customers, listening to their needs and wishes. Domesticity is an important value for us. We favor Finnish designers and co-operate with domestic subcontractors, for example in zoning and dimensioning. It is important for us to produce everything close.