VIMMA's goal is to produce everything nearby. We have set the so-called three-hour rule, which means that it takes a maximum of three hours to travel from the factory to the office. Our goal is to build a confidential, good, and long-lasting cooperation with our factories. VIMMA's clothes are cut and assembled in Finland and the Baltic countries, which means that employee rights and environmental legislation are in order. 

Our products are manufactured entirely in Europe. During 2021, 76% of the total production was completed in Estonia, 20.5% in Finland and 3.5% in Lithuania.
We prefer partners who operate transparently and are able to show us their sustainability plans and relevant sustainability certificates. When choosing new partners, we conduct supplier interviews and automatically visit the factories to ensure appropriate working conditions.
When choosing a place of production, in addition to distance and geographical location, the criteria are high quality of work, sufficient capacity and recommendations from other operators. We do not produce our clothes in high-risk countries, so we can be confident that workers' rights will be fulfilled according to the laws of the country of production.