Our goal is, that you have the opportunity to tell your story and communicate by dressing up.
VIMMA's uniform is a power garment that is unique, recognizable, high-quality, well-designed and responsibly produced nearby.



UNIVORMU is a work or representation garment. It’s the base for your team’s story. Through colors, patterned surfaces and combinations that they create, you can communicate the values of your company and the feeling you want. Beautiful and well fitting work clothes will also empower your employees. We can promise, that your story will begin to live in new and surprising situations.

We have a solid experience from flexible and punctual production. You have a need, we customize the solution. We want to solve problems with an ‘everything is possible’ principle. We want to be the base for your story.

Responsibility is in VIMMA's DNA from words to actions. We have a three-hour rule in production. From the VIMMA store, the factory gate can be reached in a maximum of three hours. Our experience is that when we know the factory's seamstresses by first name, things get done, and both parties put themselves 100 percent into the work.




Department of Cancer, Children and Adolescents, Turku University Hospital

Children's patient clothing was launched at the Children's Fair in 2018 at a fashion show organized by VIMMA and Brother Christmas. The show featured the children of the Southwest Finland Cancer Society's club of child cancer families SYKERÖN, who were cared for or had been cared for at the Tyks children's and young people's clinic. Hospital clothes were donated to the Cancer Department for Children and Adolescents Cancer.

Turvakaveri and Popcornraita -prints for hospital clothes were designed by Maija Louekari. Brother Christmas was involved in raising donations for the collection. Patient clothing was intended to create safety, warmth, comfort and color therapy as well as joy through the imaginative characters of hospital everyday life.


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https://www.ts.fi/uutiset/paikalliset/3924199/Syopaa+sairastaneet+lapset+presented+Tyks'+new+hospital clothes

Designs made from Nokia's knitting surplus fabrics

VIMMA X NEULOMO was a collaboration collection made from Nokia's knitwear surplus fabrics. The collection's products were sold in Prisms all over Finland. "No new fabric should be produced in this world until the existing materials have been used sufficiently well and versatile" - VIMMA chief designer Marjut Rahkola

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Fan collection

The VIMMA x VESALA fan collection was created in 2019 in collaboration with singer and song writer Paula Vesala, pattern designer Linda Linko, graphic artist Maria Ahonen and Vimma's main designer, Marjut Rahkola. The collection was made with unisex products, made of organic cotton and manufactured locally in Tallinn. The collection was launched at the Mall of Tripla, the Vimma store, which gained great popularity from the public.

Fashion show

The TRUTH fashion show, designed in collaboration with Sonja Eid, did not focus on appearance, but on what is beneath the surface. The theme was “We don’t see the whole truth. We only see the reality colored by our own minds. ” The pattern was designed by Sonja Eid and its purpose was to wake people up to ask each other’s stories, to stop and listen, to let what is beneath the surface come out for once. The fashion show was held at the Mall of Tripla, in the Vimma store and in front of it. The event was attended by Laura Närhi with songs that fit the theme.

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Workwear for restaurant employees

Iiro Ahokas designed a new pattern for Restaurant Sikke's according to the restaurant's wishes. The materials for the collaborative collection were carefully selected taking into account the needs and requirements of the restaurant. The pearls found in Vimma's existing models were selected as product models.

Children's clothing collection

The collection was created in collaboration with a designer, stylist and fashion multidisciplinary professional, Claudia Cifu. The children's clothing collection designed by Cifu was made of surplus fabrics from a domestic textile wholesaler as local production at the Tallinn factories. The collection consisted of practical and functional unisex clothing suitable for children of all sizes. The garments were designed to be loose to maximize comfort and wear time. The collection gained a lot of visibility both domestically and internationally.

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Night flowers and Willow

Illustrator-artist Laura Laine designed a collection for Vimma inspired by natural surrealism. Laine designed two different patterns for the collection: The Night Flowers - floral pattern with its abundant inflorescences and The Willow - the wood-like organic striping pattern. In addition to these, Laura Laine designed placement patterns for the collection, which continued the theme of floral and wooden patterns. The clothing models are designed by Vimman Head Designer, Marjut Rahkola. They were chosen from Vimma's most popular clothing models so that they would work in as many ways as possible. The collection also included unisex and children's products.

Collaboration with artist Ville Kylätasku

The VIMMA x SORIN SIRKUS capsule collection was implemented during 2020. The collection was created in collaboration with the pioneer of the Tampere circus, the Sorin circus and Vimma. The unique design of the capsule collection, which breathes a circus-like attitude to life, was designed by visual artist Ville Kylätasku, who lives in Berlin. The collection was launched in September 2020 at Sorin Circus in Tampere and its products are sold through the Vimima online store to circus members and fans.

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Kaarisilla Art and Activity Center provides a professional framework and enables individual work for people with special needs in the fields of visual arts, ceramics, handicrafts, music, theater and sports. The starting point is to respect all people, regardless of disability, gender, age, etc.

The patterns in the collaboration collection have been created from the great works of two Kaarisilla artists, which very powerfully and truly embody their artistic self. The desire of these especially talented artists to create and express what they see can also be seen in bright patterns. The joy and frenzy of creation comes from deep within, from the heart. Artists are permanently integrating into our society as creators. This collaboration is one step closer to equality alongside other artists.

With the VIMMA x KAARISILTA collaboration, we want to be able to see and show how each person has different strengths and abilities, regardless of profession or position.

The value of equality guides us to make choices that really matter.

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Children's clothing collection

Cifu x Vimma's second launch is a continuation of the collaborative collection launched a year ago. In the spirit of the upcycle, children's clothing made from surplus fabrics for textile production has the same design, but the fabric choices are new.

The collection includes products in four different patterns. The patterns inspire the patterns of my own childhood. Basic squares, stripes and polka dots. The idea a year ago was to design some kind of work wear type unisex clothing for children. I am very fascinated by New York & street wear. You can see a lot of leotard, but cotton casual that spectacular outfits again less.

Just like the first collection - I had planned larger shots, but because of the corona, I ended up shooting the products at home with a cell phone camera above my daughter. Emergency means come up! The spontaneity and roughness of the end result was somehow wonderful for the accustomed smoothed and perfect stodi images. A real DIY mood, which I wanted to include in these descriptions, which were implemented on the same principle.


The collection is an ode to the union of the new and the traditional, where opposing forces create a unified and harmonious whole. This collection includes successful products and favorites from the VIMMA and R-Collection collections. At best, these pieces of clothing can be used for strong self-expression, to strengthen your personality, and for play, which we want to invite you to, regardless of age and gender. The goal of this new collaborative collection is to create a fresh and honest, distinctive and personal, stimulating injection into the field of domestic design. We bring an encouraging message about less irresponsible production. The clothes of the VIMMA x R-Collection collection are made in Finland and Estonia.

The patterns of the VIMMA x R-Collection collection, inspired by the nature of Lapland, were designed by the talented art and design expert, Linda Linko. "Northern Sun is quite close to my own thoughts and moods. During the planning phase, I recalled moods from hiking in Lapland, mixed with the atmosphere of spring as a child. My birthday is in April, and that kind of land that loosens up from under the mud and bursts with new life always brings memories to my mind and butterflies in my stomach. On the other hand, also the magical northern sun, which continues to shine as the day goes on. I only realized afterwards the link between the patterns; sun, ray, flower bush and camo. With camouflage, a person disguises himself in the environment, slips into nature. No one asked him for four patterns - they just happened - and a certain kind of symbolism came from somewhere in the subconscious. I see here a collection of elements related to the simplicity of being."  – Linda Linko

More pictures: https://www.vimmacompany.com/vimma-x-r-collection/