On this page you will find indicative body dimensions to make it easier to choose the right clothing size. The dimensions in the size chart are the circumferences of the body in centimeters, which are the fixed dimensions of the body, not the dimensions of the finished product. You can compare your own measurements to the dimensions in the dimension table. The image below shows instructions for taking body measurements. Please note that the garments have different widths depending on the model and you can find the product-specific garment dimensions on the separate section of each product's own page. The product size chart tells you the dimensions of your loose-fitting clothing that you can compare to the dimensions of your existing clothing at home.

How You Measure

The girth of the body is taken firmly over the underwear. The tape measure should be straight, you can use a full body mirror to help with the measurement. When buying the upper part, control the correct size according to the circumference of the chest and when buying the lower part according to the waist / pelvic circumference.


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Taking body measurements

A. Chest The chest circumference is measured from the highest point of the chest on top of the bra.

B. Waist Measure around the narrowest part

C. Hip Measure around the widest/fullest part of the hips/seat