VIMMA - Finnish design and fashion - The way of living and thinking

VIMMA wants to be a pioneer in Finnish fashion. Responsibility and recognition as a sustainably thinking fashion brand have been visible right from the brand's founding year, and this work continues to be goal-oriented and ambitious. The most important thing for us is the message of the product. We make design products so that people would need fewer things in a world where there is no need to produce anything more. 

In addition to design products, VIMMA includes unforgettable stories, inspiring people and a lot of experience. VIMMA is a long-time dream that has been waiting for the right moment, the right people and pieces to complement each other. 



In VIMMA, everyday life and celebration go hand in hand. Design clothes can be worn just as well at home, at work, or with a small outfit at a party. With an ambitious goal, we have created unisex clothing designs and one-size-fits-all products to beautifully dress people of different sizes and shapes, regardless of gender. With this, we have aimed for production efficiency and easy recycling or selling of the used product from one consumer to another. VIMMA challenges the old and passionately searches for the new. We are guided by intuition, not fashion.

VIMMA's products are manufactured either domestically or locally in the Baltic countries. In our products, we mainly use natural materials that come not only from Finland but also from the Baltic region. Our collections are also enriched to an increasing extent by recycled materials and deadstock fabrics from Finnish textile wholesalers, which have been given a chance for a new life.



Visionary. The main goal of the design. Big lines, visioning the future and the (not always so nice) tasks of entrepreneurship. A creative and up-to-date/living hacker. Loves Köpi. 

Style and brand look. Warehouse and e-commerce specialist. A sensitive soul who sees far and knows how to visualize beauty in a usable form. The ability to live in the moment.

A miracle of accurate production. The strong support and backbone of the design. A scheduling genius. A reliable team player who radiates calmness around him. Does not carry tomorrow's worries with him.

Diamond content provider An eye-catching marketer who conjures up a picture and a smile with a strong visual grip. Soulful and sensual, multicultural, team player. Create a relaxed atmosphere around you. A smile on the lips and an empathetic grip charms both suppliers and customers. 

An open minded and brave adventurer type. Master of style. He brightens up his day and delights his companions with his charming smile and his playful, completely unique style of dressing. A brave pair of production and design horns for whom details DO matter.

Shop spirit. This beautiful-souled woman captures the surrounding space in a flame of peace and love. Is determined and knows the secret of meeting. Roosa values life and people and calms, energizes and calmly solves the challenges that come before it.