VIMMA - Finnish design and fashion - A way of living and thinking


VIMMA on olemassa siksi, että jokainen voisi tuntea voimaa vaatteen avulla. Meille on tärkeää, että tuotteella on tarina ja tarkoitus. Uskomme designiin, joka ei tunne rajoja vaatteen käyttötarkoituksen tai käyttäjän iän, koon, etnisen taustan tai minkään muunkaan osalta. 

In addition to design products, Vimma includes unforgettable stories, inspiring people and a lot of experience. Vimma is a long-term dream that has been waiting for the right moment, the right people and pieces to complement each other. There would be no need to produce any more stuff in this world. The most important thing for us is the message of the product. We make design products so people need less stuff.


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In Vimma, everyday life and celebration go hand in hand. Design clothes can be worn as well at home, at work as with small living at parties. Unisex designs and one-size-fits-all products have been an ambitious goal to zoning products so that they dress beautifully in all people of different sizes and models. With this, we have aimed at production efficiency and easy recycling of the used product from one customer to another. In children’s products, the models grow with the child from dresses to tunics and oversize shirts to shirts, without forgetting comfort and longevity. Vimma challenges the old and is passionately looking for the new. We are guided by intuition, not fashion.


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Most of Vimma's products are produced either in Finland or in the nearby production in Estonia. In our products, we mainly use natural materials that come from the Baltic region at the Finnish level. The collections are also increasingly enriched by recycled materials from a Finnish textile wholesaler, who have been given the opportunity to live a new life.

We have a three-hour rule in production. The distance to the factory gate from your own backyard may not exceed three hours. Our experience is that when we know the factory seamstresses by first name, things are taken care of and both parties put themselves in the league 110 percent. We visit carefully selected factories on a monthly basis to ensure that the quality and implementation of Vimma products are at the level we want. At the same time, we check that the working conditions in the factories are in line with Vimma's values. All our operations are guided by openness and transparency.