Vimma is a way of living
-A whole new lifestyle



VIMMA company is not only the products but also unforgettable stories, innovative people and a lot of experience.


VIMMA is a dream of a lifetime. This dream was waiting for the right moment, people and pieces to find each other. The right people together create the spirit of VIMMA. This opportunity was something we could not resist.


We wouldn’t need to manufacture any more products to this world. The most important thing is the message we build. We create products in order to help reduce the need for belongings.


Ecologically friendly, long-lasting and multifunctional


Festivities and regular days go hand in hand. Our clothes are designed to be used on different occasions. The same dress can be worn to school as well as to Grandpa’s Birthdays. The designs live through your child’s childhood and can be shared among siblings, too. Items are designed for comfort and sustainability.


VIMMA has a passion to transform the old into a fresh new design. Our designs awaken playfulness in children and invite adults to join the play.


We design with beauty and a little spark in our eyes, sometimes even upside down, still never forgetting functionality. We strive for happiness and shine. Our aim is to play with materials, prints, and shapes. We are led by intuition, not trends.


VIMMA cares about children and believes in happiness and positive attitude towards life. – Children are our first priority, always.



Our clothes are produced in Finland and also across the Gulf of Finland in Estonia. We mainly use ecological materials, which come from Finland and the Baltic countries. Collections may be richened by the use of recycled materials.


We visit our carefully selected Baltic factories every month to ensure the quality of our clothes and to help workers get the same vision as we have. We also keep an eye on working conditions to make sure everything serves the values and spirit of VIMMA.


Our work is based on honesty and transparency. We have been able to employ dozens of people. We also support different kinds of humanitarian organizations. VIMMA donates prototypes, photoshoot and test items and excess collection items to different charity organizations.

VIMMA works for others, caring with love.

“The brain of the designer never sleeps”

Saralotta Räihä

Design Manager

Marjut is the creator of VIMMA. She is a midwife, a designer, a wife and a mother of six children. Love, family and close friends are important to her. Life itself and the values she notices in her everyday life play a huge role, too.


She started designing by coincidence. “If you trust your intuition and listen to your heart, life will show you the way”, she says. When she makes designs for VIMMA, the most important thing is the feeling. Every little detail is made for this moment with love.


Marjut finds inspiration in everything around her. She gets inspired by people, pictures, visions, views and wandering around. Her own children are also an endless source of creativity. Sometimes the best ideas come to her in the middle of the night. This is the best job ever. VIMMA is a matter of the heart.

Saralotta Räihä


Mimmi is a jack-of-all-trades in the media field who officially joined the VIMMA tribe in May 2018. Before that Mimmi has been along for the VIMMA ride in addition to her other jobs more or less since the moment VIMMA was created.


Mimmi recalls as if it were yesterday the moment when the decision to create VIMMA was made. It happened by the sandbox at the park in Alppila near Maija’s (Maija Louekari). Mimmi was also there when VIMMA’s first shop was set up in the Kiseleff building.


Mimmi has a strong vision. Mimmi is brave and has lots of self-initiative. She commits 100% to what she’s doing. Mimmi lives in the moment, seeking happiness from the meaningfulness of life. Mimmi IS a mother and somewhat homeless and at the same time she’s come home. She lives with a twinkle in her eye, upside-down, forward and backward, challenging the old and passionately seeking the new. In all questions related to marketing, feel free to contact Mimmi. Don’t forget to play!

Pasi Räihä

Logistics and webshop

Mariia works at VIMMA’s webshop warehouse. Mariia handles webshop orders and manages the warehouse organization.


At VIMMA Mariia values thinking outside the box, openness and bravery. The attitude that all problems can be solved and everything will work out. Satisfied customers and the VIMMA tribe—great workmates—are important to Mariia.


In Mariia’s opinion the best thing about VIMMA is that she can develop into a versatile professional with a wide skillset, and that she can put her heart into doing things she truly enjoys.


On work trips Mariia resets her brain by listening to audiobooks. In the evenings she might gallop by on a horse, swim in deep waters, knit a sweater or dream of a road trip around Europe.


Logistics and webshop

VIMMA’s jack-of-all-trades Juuso starts his mornings at the webshop warehouse in Nurmijärvi, which is his main work station. Juuso processes incoming merchandise with gentle, sure hands and also manages webshop orders.


Before coming to VIMMA, Juuso worked in fashion in a men’s clothing store. Occasionally you’ll spot Juuso behind the counter at the VIMMA store, at sales events and at the warehouse outlet store. Customers and our business partners love Juuso, who treats every person he meets in a special way.


In his work Juuso wants to develop into a professional who can handle any situation. In the future Juuso hopes to have his own business, which would do something with fashion, textiles, cars or real estate. Or something entirely different, new and surprising.


Elise works as the leader of VIMMA’s production team and is responsible for production and quality control. Elise has a degree in textile and clothing engineering. During her studies she spent time studying abroad in Spain and South America and became familiar with local textile industries.


Elise enjoys her challenging and interesting position at VIMMA. She takes her job to heart. Elise wants to develop in her profession and isn’t scared to function outside her comfort zone. Elise is very happy that at VIMMA things are done from the heart and that what the company does often has a larger meaning that enriches human life.


Before she came to VIMMA, Elise worked in clothing and textile engineering and also took sidesteps into other fields. Elise values her broad work experience, even if her career path has not followed the expected trajectory.


In her spare time, Elise enjoys going without a schedule, spending time with loved ones and communing with nature. She dreams of a perpetually blooming, crop-bearing garden. Her family includes her soulmate-spouse, a little boy who tells funny stories and dreams of having a turtle, and a water dog addicted to swimming.