Visionääri. Head designer. Big lines, visioning the future and (not always so nice) things like entrepreneurship. A creative and timeless / living archer. Loves Copenhagen. 

Tyyli ja brändi-ilme. Warehouse and e-commerce specialist. A sensitive soul who sees wide and is able to visualize beauty in a usable form. Ability to live in the moment.

Tarkka tuotannon ihme. Strong design support and spine. Schedule genius. A reliable team player who radiates serenity around her. Doesn't carry tomorrow's worries.

Diamond content provider An eye-catching marketer who conjures up a picture and a smile with a strong visual grip. Soulful and sensual, multicultural, team player. Create a relaxed atmosphere around you. A smile on the lips and an empathetic grip charms both suppliers and customers. 

An open minded and brave adventurer type. Tyylitaituri. Höystää päivänsä ja ilostuttaa kanssakulkijansa hurmaavalla hymyllä ja leikkisällä, täysin uniikilla, pukeutumistyylillään.