The idea behind the Vimma clothing exchange is to give used Vimma clothes a new life as easily as possible. All our customers have to do is mail the used clothes to us and utilize the received bonuses in future purchases. NB! This is not a complaint form. See instruction for complaint return here.

Complete the following steps:

  1. List the products that you are about to send to product exchange on the return form. A single delivery may contain several products. Send all the products included in the same delivery in the same package.
  2. Print or write down the code that you received after you sent the form, and include the code in the package.
  3. Write the address and the text “Emmy return” on the package. The sender pays for the postage. Deliveries can also be taken to the Emmy collection points free of charge (N.B. Attach the return code to the package and write “VIMMA return” on it.)
  4. You will receive the bonus in your account after the delivery has been checked and approved. You can use your bonuses in your future purchases at the Vimma online store. NOTE! Clothing exchange via Emmy does not provide the customer with any money. The refund will be given in the form of VIMMA bonuses, which are intended for future purchases, according to a fixed refund price list.

The clothes must be

Undamaged, i.e., the snaps/buttons, zippers, seams and the surface of the garment must be intact.
Clean and stain-free.

Odorless – a mild detergent odor is acceptable.

Authentic. We do not accept counterfeit or pirated products for sale.
Please note that the products must still contain the brand label. Self-made products cannot, unfortunately, be returned.