VESA – Willow, koralli-vihreä

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VESA is an oversize sweatshirt with a soft and high quality fabric. An easy and functional shirt that is easy to fit to fit your style. One size works for many different sized users. Unisex.

All VIMMA products are designed in Finland and manufactured locally at our factories in Tallinn.

Pattern: Willow, Coral green

The pattern is based on the artist’s interest in the organic lines of wood grain. According to the artist they contain something as intimate and surprising as fingerprints.

Varasto loppu

    #Willow, Coral green#Willow, Coral green#Willow, Coral green


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Oversize-college. Malli on unisex ja sopii monille eri vartalotyypeille. Reilu ja rento mitoitus.

Care instructions

Sweatshirt fabric made of organic cotton

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning


Sweatshirt fabric made of organic cotton

95% cotton 5% elastane