PUUVILLAKANGAS – Letti, nougat, joustocollege


Orgaanisesta puuvillasta tuotettua pehmeää joustocollegea jo klassikoksi muodostuneella LETTI -kuviolla / design by Maija Louekari. Kankaan leveys 150cm.


1 piece = 0.1 m = 10 cm

3pcs = 0.3m = 30cm

10 pieces = 1 m



Designed in Finland and made with love in the Baltic countries.

Kuosi: Letti, Nougat

The Letti- pattern is VIMMA's first pattern. The moment when a parent braids his child's hair and slips love into the braided folds is immortalized in the pattern. The braid is VIMMA's most popular and best-selling pattern ever. First, parents dressed their children in Letti patterns, then themselves, and today Letti is also in unisex products. Several different coloring patterns have been made and it has also been sold as fabric. The pattern was designed by Maija Louekari.

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Care instructions

Sweatshirt fabric made of organic cotton

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning


Sweatshirt fabric made of organic cotton

95% cotton 5% elastane