Puuvillakangas Thread puna-valkoinen


Materiaali 100% puuvilla. Kankaan leveys n. 145-150cm, neliöpaino 90g/m2.

1 piece = 0.1 m = 10 cm

3pcs = 0.3m = 30cm

10 pieces = 1 m



Kuosi: Thread

The THREAD pattern was created based on one of the artworks from the COMMON THREAD exhibitions held in Helsinki and Tokyo in 2019. The original artwork of the pattern is a smaller hand-woven textile called “Blue, Orange and Light”. The source of inspiration was the colors that Aoi has seen on his travels in the Turku and Åland archipelagos - sea blue, strong sunlight and the reflection of the sun on the waves. Vimma got excited about the three-dimensional handmade pattern and wanted to create a print of it, which exudes a joyless carefree hippie mood and brings a fresh breeze. The pattern is jaggedly fresh and three-dimensionally fascinating, natural but at the same time cheerfully sparkling.

Varasto loppu



Care instructions

Woven cotton fabric

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning


Woven cotton fabric

100% cotton