PAU – Ilona

I love traveling and being able to explore different parts of the world. Maybe I'm a bit restless soul, one that is hard to be seated.

On the other hand, now that I'm tied to my small squares, and home fellowship, I had access to such in any of the kind I did not know. This time is a journey of exploration in itself.

I miss the world, but I can’t get there now. I miss your friends. I miss contact with other people. I have colored memories into shape, places the different corners of the world and different moods.

I close my eyes and let my imagination run wild. I walk to the most beloved beaches, cafe tables, traffic jams and silence. My hem is crazy. Beauty is here and now.

I named the pattern Ilona because it reminds us of what we need: each other, beauty, goodness.

Kuosi: Ilona

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Normal sizing.

Care instructions

Jersey made of organic cotton

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning


Jersey made of organic cotton

95% cotton 5% elastane