MARI – Kööpenhamina, vaaleanpunainen

A new Cleaning Jacket collection designed by Mari Savio, inspired by the style of Karelian grandmothers. Now if ever the world needs grandmothers ’perseverance and a bold attitude to life. The cleaning jacket encourages living a unique life. Even for cleaning, the user values their own home as mundane, just as it is. The inspiration for cleaning also came from Karelia, where Savio was on his way five years ago. “Karelian grandmothers and women wore variegated and patterned home jackets wearing squares, streets and cafes. Karelia contains a lot of wild aesthetics and violent colors. The cleaning jacket has been a symbol of a woman’s housework and a woman’s workwear for centuries. It’s an awesome outfit; easy, changeable and functional. It does not have the hallmarks or epolets typical of men's uniforms, but is trimmed and unconstrained.

Mari wanted to update this women’s traditional workwear and turn it into a garment of freedom where there is no need to clean at all. The cleaning jacket works as a dress, jacket or with jeans. On site you can go to the opening, fishing or meeting. Its idea is to be everywhere and to serve its owner faithfully.

The cleaning jacket shows the patterns of many different Vimma pattern designers, as the collection is made from stock lots and surplus fabrics. The jacket is available in several patterns and each pattern is only a limited edition. Even the idea of cleaning is to make sure that the fabric is not wasted and the manufacturing is sustainable.

Pattern: Kööpenhamina, Maija Louekari

All VIMMA products are designed in Finland and manufactured with love nearby in our factories in Tallin.

Kuosi: Kööpenhamina, vaaleanpunainen

Designer: Maija Louekari Ruutukuosissa minua viehättää se , miten mahtavia värikombinaatioita siihen saa. Värit ovat minulle valtavan tärkeitä, ammennan niistä voimaa päivittäin. Halusin suunnitella oman ruutukuosin, jossa saan leikitellä väreillä.  Kuosin nimi Kööpenhamiina tulee siitä, kun Köpis on minulle rakas kaupunki. Siellä erityisesti naisten upean värikäs pukeutuminen ja rohkea asenne ilahduttaa aina.

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Mari-takki on monikäyttöinen vaate, joka toimii niin mekkona, takkina kuin kerrospukeutumisessa. Mallista saatavilla koot 1 ja 2.


Care instructions

Woven cotton fabric

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning


Woven cotton fabric

100% cotton