IRJA – Täysikuu, appelsiini

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Ss20 novelty dress IRJA II is a multi-purpose garment for every situation. The IRJA dress made of light cotton has a lovely summer fib, it descends beautifully and airily. The surface of the fabric is satin-like smooth and has a slight sheen. The lovely pattern- Täysikuu designed by Maija Louekari.

The IRJA dress has sleeves and a midi hem.

This dress model was named IRJA dress because the lovely Irja who zones our clothes with decades of experience managed to make the model so perfect.


All VIMMA products are designed in Finland and manufactured with love nearby in our factories in Tallin.

Kuosi: Täysikuu appelsiini

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Puuvillasta valmistetussa IRJA -mekossa on ihanaa kesäfibaa. Mekko on mitoitukseltaan väljä.

Care instructions

woven, thin cotton-elastane-fabric

30 degree gentle wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, two point ironing, no chemical washing


Woven, thin cotton-elastane-fabric

97% cotton 3% spandex