ILONA – Whitewash, pinkki

Nämä upeat housut on valmistettu ohueammasta, kudotusta puuvillakankaasta, jossa on ihana pellavamainen tuntu. Kangas on ilmava ja kevyt, kuin henkäys iholla.

Casual and upstanding straight pants. Thanks to the high waist cut, the pants have a great fit. The sides have a slender zip fastening that makes the overall look neat and well-groomed. The widening straight line and leg, work as a pair of sneakers, boots or high heels - by changing the accessories, the whole look can be easily modified.

All VIMMA products are designed in Finland and manufactured with love nearby in our factories in Tallin.


Pattern: Whitewash, pink

Designer: Elizabeth Salonen When designing patterns, I like to include signs of imperfection. We spend a lot of time at the screens, so breaking away from me and creating something tangible is important to my well-being. I like trying different materials and processes, and it helps my post-work development. The Whitewash pattern was created by painting with a dry brush on uneven paper - you can see a lot of movement in the patterns. After bringing the pattern into digital form, I transformed it into a continuum of oversized stripes, creating an artistic version of the classic stripe patterns.

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    #Whitewash, pinkki#Whitewash, pinkki#Whitewash, pinkki


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Great fit and high waist. The sides have a thin zipper, which makes the overall look of the trousers clean and neat.

Care instructions

Ohut kudottu kangas

30 asteen pesu, ei kloorivalkaisua, ei rumpukuivausta, ei silitystä, ei kemiallista pesua


Ohut kudottu puuvillakangas

100% puuvilla Ohut, pellavamainen materiaali.