HARRI – Panther Boy

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Harri-overall is the perfect jumpsuit! With the careful pattern drafting we have strived to fix the ‘traditional’ problems with jumpsuit patterns. The overall has a functional neck-crotch measure, as well as well-proportioned dimensions in the legs and sleeves. The overall is suitable as a home outfit but also representative outfit. The overall is the must-have product in your wardrobe - a safety garment that will always make you feel comfortable and polished when you wear it. There is a pocket and buttons on the front, a fabric belt on the waist and a pocket on the back as well.

Print Designer: Ville Kylätasku

The Panther Boy pattern is inspired by the Greek god Dionysus, who was a god of wine, performing arts and fertility. At times, the word Lyaios, which means “Liberator,” was used for him. The name was due to the fact that he was thought to free a person from worries and sorrows. Dionysus was often depicted with a panther because the panther represents getting rid of worries and sorrow. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke describes the imprisoned panther in one of his most famous poems (In Jardin des Plantes, 1902):

Now and again the veil over his pupils silently lifts. An image enters, pierces the numbness,
and dies away in his heart

Despite the melancholy and loss of the poem, I personally see it through hope and freedom:

It tells how we live in an unreal world, behind transparent bars. We do not make our hearts free until we realize that the bars in front of our freedom are created by ourselves. In that sense, the imprisoned panther described by Rilke represents the longing for freedom for all of us. In the pattern series, the whole consists of variations, the dialogue between the patterns and the law of attraction that emerges between them, the metaphor of freedom, prison and liberation.

As a Finnish saying: The forest responds, as we shout there; the whole of our lives is the sum of the parts of our self-creation.

All VIMMA products are designed in Finland and manufactured with love nearby in our factories in Tallin.

The overall has a functional neck-crotch measure, as well as well-proportioned dimensions in the legs and sleeves. The fitting can be adjusted with the belt.

SIZE ON MODEL:Woman S, man L


Woven cotton fabric

100% cotton

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning

Delivery: Straight from the warehouse 2-3 days.
SmartPost 4,90 €.

Payment: Pay instantly via online banking / debit cards or in parts via Klarna. Payment can be made abroad via Paypal.

Return: For returns we will need to charge 4,50 € / shipment. This amount of 4,50€ will be deducted from the reimbursement sent to client.



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