ELSA – Liuku


Elsa kaftan is an everyday garment that cannot be restricted to one purpose. You can wear it after the bath or put it on for the evening party. The model allows you to use the kaftan open or close like a wrap dress. Kaftan brings interest and color to your outfit.

Väljät, puolipitkät hihat sekä sivuilla taskut. Vyötäröllä samasta kuosista tehdyt kangasvyö sekä vyönlenkit. Kepeän kesäisen Liuku-kuosin suunnitellut Maija Louekari.

All VIMMA products are designed in Finland and manufactured with love nearby in our factories in Tallin.

Kuosi: Liuku

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The fitting can be adjusted with the belt. Loose, half length sleeves. Fits for different body types and found to work with XS-L size models.

Care instructions

Woven cotton fabric

40 degree wash, no chlorine bleaching, no tumble drying, 2 point ironing, no dry cleaning


Woven cotton fabric

100% cotton