1. Overview

The terms and conditions of sale and terms of use ("Terms of Use") contained herein apply to orders from Vimma retailers. By ordering from the online store directly, or from a retailer of Vimmacompany Oy goods, you accept these Terms of Use and undertake to comply with them. We reserve the right to change or update the content, prices, selection, or these Terms of Use of the Online Store. If we make significant changes to our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, we will announce them on our website.

2. Contact information

Vimmacompany Oy
Fredrikinkatu 18
00120 Helsinki, Finland
+358 44 984 7986
[email protected]


3. Retailer Registration

3.1. A reseller order can only be placed as a registered reseller customer. For the first order, the dealer must: 

  1. Indicate your interest to register as a retailer. Then please provide your official company name, business identity code (VAT-ID) and other requested information. 
  2. Give its consent that Vimmacompany Oy may register the company's information in its customer register. Vimmacompany Oy's customer information is confidential. Vimmacompany Oy does not disclose customer information to third parties.
  3. After registration, Vimmacomapny Oy checks the company's information and, if necessary, the credit information. 

3.2. The retailer must exercise care and diligence when ordering Vimmacompany Oy's products.

4. Binding nature of the order

4.1. Communication between the parties takes place either by e-mail, letter, or telephone. Our staff will happily offer help by phone with all inquiries and orders on weekdays from 10 am - 4 pm. Tel. + 358 44 9847986. 

4.2. A binding sales agreement will take place when Vimmacompany Oy has sent an order confirmation by e-mail.

4.3 The retailer has the right to cancel all or part of the order by e-mail, letter, or telephone before the order has been marked as shipped. An order is marked as shipped a shipping notice has been sent to the retailer.

4.4. After placing a retailer's order, Vimmacompany Oy relinquishes the right to change these terms of use and sale.

5. Prices

5.1. All unit prices of products given to retailers are stated without VAT (VAT 0%). The current price is displayed in a list sent to the retailer by e-mail or letter and stated in euros (EUR). VAT 24% will be added to the price after selecting the products.

6. Shipping and delivery

6.1. Orders picked up directly from our Helsinki store (Fredrikinkatu 18, 00120 Helsinki ) are exempt from the following terms of delivery. The estimated delivery time by post or through Matkahuolto is about 2-6 days. If the product is wholly or temporarily out of stock, we will notify you immediately. You will also be notified if the delivery time is longer than usual.

6.2. Delivery costs to Finland from Vimmacompany Oy are determined by the size of the order. If the total amount of the order (VAT 0%).

6.3. If an order must be delivered by a certain date, a note of this must be made when placing an order. We will try to accommodate delivery wishes, if feasible. 

6.4. If the retailer orders products for which Vimmacompany Oy has notified different delivery times, the order will be delivered in accordance with the longest announced delivery time. 

6.5. Vimmacompany Oy delivers products to Finland and by separate agreement also abroad. All deliveries by Vimmacompany Oy take place via Suomen Posti or Matkahuolto. If the retailer wants to use a different transport service, the prices and conditions are agreed upon case-by-case with Vimmacompany Oy.

7. Payment terms

7.1. All product prices are stated in euros and do not include VAT in accordance with Finnish legislation. VAT 24% will be added to the price after selecting the products.

7.2. The payment term is 14 days unless otherwise agreed to in advance. The notice period is seven days.

7.3. . When selling and transporting products outside the EU, the recipient of the product is responsible for local taxes, customs duties, and other comparable costs.

8. Reclamation

8.1 Mikäli jälleenmyyjälle on toimitettu väärä tuote, tuote on vaurioitunut tms, tulee jälleenmyyjän ilmoittaa asiasta seitsemän päivän aikana Vimmacompany Oy:lle, joko sähköpostitse osoitteeseen [email protected], postitse osoitteeseen: Vimmacompany Oy, Fredrikinkatu 18, 00120 Helsinki  tai puhelimitse +358 44 984 7986.

8.2 The retailer should note that the color shades of the products in the pictures are indicative, and that small shade differences occur between different production batches.

9. Force majeure

9.1. Vimmacompany Oy is not responsible for the prevention, hinderence, or delay of the order caused by a circumstance beyond Vimmacompany Oy's control, such as war, natural disaster, export or import ban, official decision, public transport disruption or other similar impediment or impediment to Vimmacompany Oy's operations.

10. Resolving disputes

10.1. Disputes and disagreements arising from this trade agreement are governed and settled by Finnish law.