Since we also sell our fabrics to customers, those who can sew can make their own VIMMA clothes. The VIMMA knits and fabrics are known for their high quality and organic cotton. Most of the VIMMA patterns are created by Finnish designers (e.g., Maija Louekari, Jenni Rope, Linda Linko, Riikka Koistinen, Tiina Koivusalo, Antti Uotila, Lauri Ahtinen, Anna Alanko, and Kaisa Kartela), but a few Japanese designers (Aoi Yoshizawa and Eri Shimatsuka) have also contributed to our print design. Our patterns are playful, colorful, urban, new, exciting, and timeless, and they naturally suit the taste of both children and adults. The fabrics are printed in the Baltic countries under carefully monitored factory conditions.