Vimma is a way of living
-A whole new lifestyle


VIMMA company is not only the products but also unforgettable stories, innovative people and a lot of experience.

VIMMA is a dream of a lifetime. This dream was waiting for the right moment, people and pieces to find each other. The right people together create the spirit of VIMMA. This opportunity was something we could not resist.

We wouldn’t need to manufacture any more products to this world. The most important thing is the message we build. We create products in order to help reduce the need of belongings.

Ecologically friendly, long-lasting and multifunctional

Festivities and regular days go hand in hand. Our clothes are designed to be used in different occasions. The same dress can be worn to school as well as to Grandpa’s Birthdays. The designs live through your child’s childhood and can be shared among siblings, too. Items are designed for comfort and sustainability.

VIMMA has a passion to transform the old into a fresh new design. Our designs awaken playfulness in children and invites adults to join the play.

We design with beauty and a little spark in our eyes, sometimes even upside down, still never forgetting functionality. We strive for happiness and shine. Our aim is to play with materials, prints and shapes. We are led by intuition, not trends.

VIMMA cares about children and believes in happiness and positive attitude towards life. – Children are our first priority, always.


Our clothes are produced in Finland and also across the Gulf of Finland in Estonia. We mainly use ecological materials, which come from Finland and the Baltic countries. Collections may be richened by the use of recycled materials.

We visit our carefully selected Baltic factories every month to ensure the quality of our clothes and to help workers get the same vision as we have. We also keep an eye on working conditions to make sure everything serves the values and spirit of VIMMA.

Our work is based on honesty and transparency. We have been able to employ dozens of people. We also support different kinds of humanitarian organizations. VIMMA donates prototypes, photoshoot and test items and excess collection items to different charity organizations.

VIMMA works for others, caring with love.

“The brain of the designer never sleeps”

Design Manager

Marjut is the creator of VIMMA. She is a midwife, a designer, a wife and a mother of six children.

Love, family and close friends are important to her. Life itself and the values she notices in her everyday life play a huge role, too.

She started designing by coincidence. “If you trust your intuition and listen to your heart, life will show you the way”, she says.

When she makes designs for VIMMA, the most important thing is the feeling. Every little detail is made for this moment with love.

Marjut finds inspiration in everything around her. She gets inspired by people, pictures, visions, views and wandering around. Her own children are also an endless source of creativity. Sometimes the best ideas come to her in the middle of the night.

This is the best job ever. VIMMA is a matter of the heart.

Pasi Räihä

Pasi Räihä
development manager

Pasi is an athletic father of three sons. A meaningful job, family life and physical exercise keep him busy but happy. He is not afraid of living life according to his own dreams and never forgets to find humour in everyday life.

VIMMA encourages Pasi to develop and grow every day, both in life and as an entrepreneur. Pasi joined VIMMA with a strong background gained in sales and entrepreneurship. These skills enable him effectively lead the way with a positive attitude, good work ethics and with a splash of humour.

Katri Penttinen

Katri Penttinen
product manager and communication

Katri is a fashion studies graduate. She gained extensive work experience in stocks and logistics before joining VIMMA to pursue her passion in the clothing industry. Katri found VIMMA by coincidence but she is extremely glad for the opportunity to work in this small-scale team with such driven and passionate professionals.

Katri is looking forward to her future in VIMMA where good ideas are always supported. It truly seems like the sky is the limit. You are always encouraged to think outside the box and challenge your way of thinking. According to Katri, this attitude also comes in handy at the construction site of her new house.

Sini Gustafsson

Sini Gustafsson
Store manager & photography

Sini Gustafsson is a self-taught photographer who is still learning to become a more passionate photographer. Sini is a mom of four kids. In addition to family, the best things in life are friends and nature. Sini enjoys small ordinary things she loves to capture on camera.

“Along with VIMMA’s clothes, I also love the lifestyle, way of life and the warm feeling inside. It just feels right”, Sini says. The rich and multifaceted mixture of different patterns are the prime inspiration for Sini. “I used to take photos after photos. I was lost and mistakes were made. I was shooting almost every day when I finally found my own way to take photos. I started to analyze the surroundings from a different perspective. This was the way of finding my own way of living, to be me,” she says.

Taking photograps has become a big part of Sini’s life. This is also the way to draw out her true feelings and emotions inside. Sini thinks that if you just look closely, there is beauty everywhere. Sini feels relaxed with her camera. Without stopping a moment with your camera from running away, there aren’t any photographs”, Sini says. Feedback is also very important for a photographer. For Sini success is being able to tell a story through a photo with a deeper meaning. “The creativity and innocence of children have an influence on me each day”, she says happily.



The most important thing in Maija’s life are her children. She even had dreams about a career in child care. Maija feels responsibility towards the environment. When companies produce more and more products all the time, it becomes even more important where and how the items are produced.

Being inspired and inspirational is a way of life for Maija. Pattern design takes a lot of work from the initial idea to the finished design. She has got her inspirations for VIMMA from her children.

“I have learnt a lot from my children, at least as much as they have learnt from me”, Maija says.



Linda is a designer and an illustrator from Helsinki. The most important things in her life are the people around her, sports and the best job in the world. Linda has always dreamed of travelling the world. Her parents travelled a lot but never took her with them. They said Linda can travel wherever she wants when she gets old enough.

When Linda was 17 years old, she spent a year in Australia. That year taught her a lot about people. How people are so different, but in the end so similar.

Linda is fascinated by abstract figures. Her ability to concentrate is at its best with a blank sheet of paper in front of her. Sometimes it feels like patterns just come out of the blue.



Minni studied visual arts in Lahti and design in Aalto University. She was the co-founder of the clothing brand Minni f. Ronya until the company was closed down. Minni is also a wife and a mother for her little son, Elo. After her child was born she realized that people can love so much it hurts.

Minni loves her family. Other important things in life are God, being inspired and the opportunity to create something new by drawing and designing.

When Minni designed a pattern called “Rainforest” for VIMMA, she was listening to sounds of the rainforest and was looking through pictures of the jungle. She drank tea from her ”Braid” mug by VIMMA and worked in her kitchen.

Minni gets inspired all the time. The brain of the designer never sleeps. She follows the world around her. Ideas, views and feelings come back to her when she starts designing. Artworks and nature are the greatest sources of inspiration.


Lauri Ahtinen

Lauri is a father of four kids, a cartoonist and a visual artist from Oulu.

Lauri couldn’t resist the call of VIMMA. This work is something he gets excited as a parent, which is one of the most motivating factors as a children’s clothes designer. Inspired by VIMMA he bought pants made of wool for his son at our Pop Up store.

Lauri’s first pattern design for VIMMA was ”Granny”. He wanted to create a design which is clear, funky and abstract. “I felt the need to break my habit of drawing with a specific style, so I took our baby in my arms and started to sketch”, Lauri says. This is how ”Granny” was created.

As an artist Lauri wants to leave his footprint in this world. “The need to be known is not going anywhere although you are a grown up”, he says.

Lauri has a special place for grandmothers in his heart – they always wish a good luck for everyone. He is also grateful for his inner circle, people may be far away but still hope the best for each other.

Lauri’s favourite look from VIMMA is based on black and white with a colourful twist, for example ”Granny” leggings worn with a loose sweater or a merino wool hooded jacket. The look is finished with a huge colourful scarf.

Lauri is working on a new comic strip novel. He is also wondering why kids don’t feel the need to sleep.

He thinks that as a dad, sleeping is a luxury; there never seems to be enough of it.


Jenni Rope

Jenni Rope is a visual artist and graphic designer who lives with her young son, husband and two cats in Helsinki. She’s inspired by artists who create art in multiple forms. That’s how she’d like to live as well.

The ‘Drop’ designed by Jenni Rope for VIMMA was inspired by raindrops slowly dribbling down the windowpane. Rope’s style is a casual brush stroke or a steady scissor cut. Rope says she is in good company when designing for VIMMA. She wants to sew clothes for her son using ’Drop’ as the material.

There is peace in Jenni Rope’s studio, but her mind is at ease in the countryside, where she can find a different kind of tranquility. There, with her son, they examine together all the stones, bugs and mussels. They go to sauna and swim in the mornings. They paddle and secretly spy the adventures of the cat. Maybe this all will one day form a story for a children’s book.

Dreams must be free to fly high. For Rope, street style means the courage to live and dress however she wants. The most important ones are the nearest – “my son, my husband and wonderful work.”

Riikka Koistinen

Riikka Koistinen

Riikka Koistinen is a graphic designer and an illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. Her works are influenced by the impressive backcountry landscapes of Kainuu where her grandmother had her house and her yard. You can also sense the fells of Lapland and the presence of the sea. Nature is strongly present in Koistinen’s works: as textures, colours and elements.

For Koistinen, it’s important to design something that touches you and is sustainable. She prefers to design with a pencil and it is one of her most recognizable styles. She likes the contrast, the delicacy and the precision of the pencil.

Koistinen wants the result of her work to be simple but intriguing. The viewer has to look twice and think before drawing conclusions.