VIMMA - Finnish design and fashion - The way of living and thinking

VIMMA is existing, so that everyone could feel the power through clothing. The new spring collection will be novel and wonderful. At its best, VIMMA's clothes can be used for strong self-expression, empowering the personality and as a game, to which we especially want to invite you in. Dressing up should never be too serious. We want to see a smile on your face every day of the year.

Vimma is not only design products but also unforgettable stories, inspiring people and a lot of experience. Vimma is a long-term dream that has been waiting for the right moment, the right people and pieces to complete each other. There is no need to produce any more stuff in this world. The importance for us is the message of the product. We produce design-products, so that people would need less goods.


At Vimma everyday life and celebration walks hand in hand. Design-clothes can be worn as well at home, at work or with little touch ups in a party. Unisex designs and one-size-fits-all products have been our ambitious goal to carefully design the patterns and sizing so that the clothes would beautifully dress people of different sizes and shapes. With this, we have aimed at efficient production and easy recycling of the used products from one user to another. Vimma will challenge the old and with passion look for something new. We are guided by intuition, not fashion.

Vimma's products are manufactured either in Finland or nearby in Estonia. In our products, we mainly use natural materials that come from Finland as well from the Baltic region. The collections are increasingly enriched by recycled materials from a Finnish textile wholesaler. This way the materials will get an opportunity for a new life.

We have a three-hour rule with the production. Meaning, the distance to the factory gate from your own backyard may not be more than three hours. Experience shows, when we know the factory seamstresses by their first name, things get done and both parties will put themselves in 110 percent. Monthly, we visit the carefully selected factories to ensure that the quality and production of Vimma products are at the level we want. At the same time, we make sure that the working conditions in the factories are in line with Vimma's values. All our actions are guided by openness and transparency.